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Toothache Overview

Given the advances in dental technology over the past decades, many people have never experienced a toothache. If you have though, you know that there is hardly anything worse. Toothaches can affect your eating and constantly ache. It can become a hassle to deal with on a daily basis.

When you experience toothache pain, you want relief, and you want it immediately. No over-the-counter pain remedy is going to cut it either. You need the services of a dentist and you need them right away.

Toothache pain can be due to a number of causes – perhaps you have broken a tooth, or you have an infection or an abscess. Whatever the cause, you need to see a dentist, and you need to do it immediately.

Your dentist can ease your toothache pain in any number of ways. If it is due to an infection or an abscess, you may need a root canal treatment. It is also possible that you have a tooth that is quite simply well past its “best before” date, and needs to be extracted. This is actually a bit unusual, since most teeth can be saved, but if you have neglected your oral health, sometimes extraction is the only reasonable option.

Tooth pain can also be due to gapping or crowding, in which case, you might benefit from orthodontic treatments like braces.

Whatever the cause of your toothache, you can be assured that your dentist will offer solutions. So if you have a toothache, contact Ballston Dental in Ballston Spa, NY at 518-885-8321 to discuss your options. You do not have to suffer.