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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

If you ask any dental professional about the benefits of root canals, they will usually cite one of the most important reasons for the treatment – it saves the tooth. That is why Ballston Dental offers endodontics or root canal treatment in our Ballston Spa, NY office.

Why is saving the tooth one of the key benefits of root canals? The loss of even a single adult tooth can change many things about the mouth. It can allow the teeth to shift, making it possible for bacteria and decay to take hold of different spaces, it can alter the alignment of the bite, and this itself brings myriad of problems. When the bite is altered, it causes the teeth to interact differently, leading to wear and even breakage as well as pain in areas of the jaw, head or neck.

Clearly, if this were the only benefits of root canals it would be enough, but there are more. A root canal deals with inflamed and infected pulp inside of the tooth. That means your dentist has to remove this unnecessary tissue to stop further damage to the tooth. The adult tooth is fine without the pulp because the gum tissue provides adequate support and nourishment.

Removing the vessels inside of the tooth then becomes one of the benefits of root canals because it brings the pain to an end. When you are a candidate for a root canal, you may find that biting down at your normal level causes excruciating pain and discomfort. This is because of the irritation to the nerves. When this has been eliminated, you can bite and chew like before.

Not only does this mean no more pain when eating or drinking, but it also means that your chewing is more efficient again. Your health and quality of life is improved through the use of the root canal. Of course, being able to bite like normal also means that your other teeth are no longer being used excessively or in a way that is harmful to them. So, yet another of the many benefits of root canals is that it eventually protects the healthy, surrounding teeth.

Don’t fear a root canal, it is a form of restorative dentistry that is no more challenging than a filling. And with Dr. Pray’s use of CEREC dental crowns, your treatment can even be done in a single visit!

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