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Benefits of Dental Crowns

Benefits of Dental Crowns

If you have a dental crown, you may already have realized that it is a truly effective fix for a damaged or restored tooth. The benefits of dental crowns are many, but in our Ballston Spa, NY office, Ballston Dental can offer patients even more benefits thanks to our use of the CEREC 1-hour dental crown technology.

First, let’s consider the many benefits of dental crowns and then at the technologies we make available.

Dental crowns have long been a chosen solution by dentists because they are such a solid answer to discomfort and dental damage. Essentially, a crown is made to slip over the portion of the tooth also known as the crown. A tooth will have to be properly prepared for the crown, which usually means it has a very large filling or even a root canal. What remains of the crown is prepared for the appliance, and this is custom designed to the patient’s mouth.

When put in place over the tooth, the crown blocks any further damage, pain, discomfort or problems with that tooth. It will cut down any problems with sensitivity and offer solid protection due to its durable materials. Clearly, the benefits of dental crowns are obvious when viewed in this way.

On top of the restorative and functional benefits mentioned, the benefits of dental crowns also include their ability to work as cosmetic enhancements too. For example, the patient with a large, old-fashioned metal filling can visit our office to have it replaced with a stronger and more visually appealing dental crown. Not only does this make someone less self-conscious when speaking, but it is a superior solution to the older filling.

They are also going to last most patients for many years. When you use proper oral hygiene, your dental crowns can last up to 30 years.

Dr. Pray also offers the remarkable CEREC dental crowns. The benefits of dental crowns made with this system include that they are created in around one hour, require only a single visit to accomplish, and use a digital camera to create one of the most precise crowns imaginable. Just as strong and reliable, they are the fastest and most comfortable way to get a crown.

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