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Root Canals Overview

Root canal is a term that strikes fear into even the strongest hearts, and honestly, we don’t know why that should be the case. A root canal doesn’t cause pain – it eases pain. The pain that you feel in your tooth when you need a root canal is because of decay, and a root canal treatment removes that decay.

To correct your dental pain, and get rid of the pain that it causes, your dentist uses rotary endodontics to take out the part of the tooth – the decayed pulp – that is causing the pain. Once that decayed material is taken out, your dentist makes a crown that covers the damaged tooth and protects it from pain.

With rotary endodontics, the tooth root can be cleaned out better and faster than with traditional “dig and scrape” methods. You won’t experience any grinding in your teeth and you won’t have to worry about the drill, which is the part of the dental procedure that most patients find problematic. In fact, if you asked people what bothered them most about dental treatments, the majority would tell you that it is the drill. With modern methods though, you don’t have to worry about that.

When you have a root canal procedure done and a porcelain crown installed, you can actually restore life to a tooth that you might think had outlived its useful days. Even very badly damaged teeth can be brought back to life with root canal treatments, and once the crown is installed, you will have a tooth that works and feels just as good as it did before the damage occurred.

So, don’t ever fear a root canal. It’s done using a local anesthetic, the same as any other dental treatment like an extraction or a filling. Next time some well-meaning person tells you that root canal is going to hurt, you’ll know differently.

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