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Dental Implants Aftercare

Did you know that implant dentistry has a near perfect success rate? While it once had a less favorable reputation, it is now one of the most frequently chosen kinds of restorative dentistry, and yet if you are opting to get this treatment there are dental implants aftercare tips essential to success. At Ballston Dental in Ballston Spa, NY we offer dental implants and suggest the following aftercare steps to ensure the very best results.

The Best Dental Implants Aftercare

As your chosen dentist in Ballston Spa, we are going to review all of the essential facts with you prior to treatment. We are going to explain the various steps involved in dental implants, as well as the appropriate dental implants aftercare tactics you must use. For all patients, implants involve preparations, which can mean more complex treatments such as bone grafts or getting diabetes or other health issues under control.

Implants are a surgical treatment, and so you will need to consider dental implants aftercare as something done immediately after treatment, in the days that follow and then as an ongoing matter. The immediate aftercare is as you might expect, and limited to avoiding food and drink to all numbness has faded, and even then sticking to a soft diet until swelling and tenderness are gone. This usually occurs within three to four days after surgery.

You will have to return for a post-surgical check and you will want to continue with a careful diet as healing begins. Though you have a temporary crown, you won’t want to challenge the osseointegration process, so you will need to be aware of the condition of the implant. Do regular brushing and flossing once healing has begun, and come in for regular visits.

Then, once the healing is complete and your new crown in place, you can just do the traditional brushing, flossing and twice annual visits for a cleaning and exam. With this simple approach to aftercare, your dental implants will heal quickly and easily, and you will be able to count on them for decades to come.

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