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Cosmetic Dentistry

Experience the Many Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

When you have a perfectly healthy set of teeth and gums, yet you refuse to show them when smiling or laughing, it is probably due to a cosmetic issue or concern. Though there are many benefits of cosmetic dentistry, one of the most important is that it empowers you to show off your grin and become more confident in almost all areas of your life. It is why Thomas Pray DDS, in Ballston Spa, NY works as a cosmetic dentist and offers many important treatment options to his patients interested in the different benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Naturally, as we already recognized, one of the key benefits of cosmetic dentistry is that it boosts your confidence. When you meet someone for the first time, one of the first things you might notice is their smile. When this is kept hidden, it can leave the wrong impression. When you can forget your worries about the appearance of your smile, and just get on with socializing, you are naturally far more confident.

It is not all about the looks. Some of the other benefits of cosmetic dentistry include:

It can actually improve or restore function – Cosmetic dentistry is also about fixing things such as gaps or missing teeth. Doing this is going to restore the functionality of the mouth while giving you a full smile. It is also important to remember that cosmetic dentistry relies on certain treatments to improve alignment. Whether it is the use of braces or implants, the end result is that your smile is complete, and properly aligned. This eliminates some substantial risks. Consider that missing teeth can be replaced with implants, bridges or dentures. This stops the other teeth from shifting, creating a change in the bite. With the bite properly aligned, you don’t wear down the teeth unevenly, grind the teeth or risk the development of TMJ. In addition to alignment, some treatments offer strengthening to the teeth as well, such as veneers and bonding, that help prevent further damage or decay.

It is something that is long-lasting and not just a temporary fix – Even with treatments like teeth whitening, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry include the simple fact that they are meant to deliver long-term results. Professional whitening can last indefinitely if you keep up with touch up treatments and new behaviors. Other options, like veneers or implants are clearly, permanent solutions.

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